JB Deluxe Roll     14
Salmon, cream cheese, avocado & carrot deep fried with spicy imitation crab on top

Happy Birthday Roll    15
Shrimp tempura, BBQ eel, cream cheese & mango I/O flying fish eggs

Sashimi Roll (No Rice)    17
Tuna, salmon, w/ fish daikon, kani kama & nori outside w/ spicy ponzu

Dynamite Roll    15
Baked conch on top of California Roll I/O Avocado

Volcano Roll    15
Baked scallop on top of California Roll I/O avocado

Mexican Roll    14
Tempura shrimp, lettuce, mango & avocado

Ultimate Veggie Roll    14
Oshinko, cucumber, asparagus, dried cranberries I/O with avocado

Rainbow Roll    14
Tuna, salmon, wahoo & escolar on top of California Roll

Crazy Roll    15
Spicy tuna, mango, cucumber I/O salmon & BBQ eel & avocado on top

Super Rainbow Roll    18
Tempura shrimp,spicy tuna, asparagus, topped with rainbow fish and tobiko

South of the Border Roll    15
Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeño, avocado, & sweet plantain on top

Spicy Tuna Lover Roll    14
Spicy Tuna, scallions, cucumber I/O tuna, avocado on top

Dragon Roll     14
Shrimp tempura, fish eggs, asparagus, imitation crab I/O avocado

Dancing Eel Roll    15
Mango, cucumber & cream cheese I/O BBQ eel on top

Crunchy Tuna Roll    14
Tuna, avocado, cream cheese, fish eggs, tempura flakes deep fried in panko breadcrumbs

Hawaiian Roll    17
Coconut shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, pineapple, strawberry & topped with crushed macadamia nuts

Spicy Lobster Roll    26
Tempura Lobster, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, mango & shrimp on top

Triple Shrimp Roll    17
Tempura shrimp & cream cheese I/O shrimp & avocado, topped with sweet & sour shrimp

Michelle Roll (No Rice)    18
Lettuce, cucumber, avocado, & spicy tuna wrapped with rice paper & massago with spicy ponzu sauce

Summer Heat Roll    16
Spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, topped with rainbow fish, jalapeño & tempura flakes

Triple Fantasy Roll    18
Tuna, hamachi, scallion I/O flying fish eggs topped with tuna, hamachi, scallion & flying fish eggs

Crispy Calamari Roll     16
Tempura calamari, cream cheese, spicy crab, asparagus, topped with spicy tuna

Hamachi Jalapeño Roll    16
Seared hamachi, jalapeño with Japanese dressing on top of California roll

Spicy Wahoo Roll     14
Spicy wahoo, avocado, asparagus & tempura flakes, deep fried in panko bread crumbs

Salmon Supreme Roll    16
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, salmon, lemon & ikura on top

The Real Deal Roll     18
Tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado, scallion, asparagus & topped with rainbow fish

Sunset Roll     14
Salmon, white fish, cream cheese, and avocado deep fried in panko bread crumbs with sweet spicy sauce

Red Dragon Roll     15
Tempura shrimp, spicy imitation crab, avocado and strawberry on top with spicy sauce

Cherry Blossom Roll    15
Spicy tuna, spicy imitation crab, tempura flakes, and I/O massago with wasabi sauce