• Specialty Sakes 

Choya me Shu Plum
750ml glass 12/ bottle 43

“G” Joy
Full fruit and earth notes on the nose give way to creamy layers of ripe melon, hints of pear and plum
300ml  bottle 27

• Nigori 

Ty Ku Coconut
Texture, creamy taste with a subtle hint of vanilla and the refreshing flavor of coconut
330ml bottle 27

Momokawa Organic
Rich and silky layers of coconut and cream with big burst of fresh pineapples
300ml  bottle 21

Momokawa Pearl
Notes of vanilla and pineapple with bananas, coconut, and anise
300ml  bottle 18

Sho Chiku
Bold and sweet, rich with robust flavors
375ml  bottle 18

Rock Cloud
Smooth and creamy with a light hint of cream and tropical fruit
375ml  bottle 35

• Ginjo 

Ty Ku Black
Rich and silky texture with hints of peach and vanilla notes
330ml  bottle 28

Ty Ku Cucumber
Delicate, light and refreshing infused with the all-natural crip flavor of fresh cucumber
330ml  bottle 26

Momokawa Diamond
Off-dry with melon and tropical fruit flavors with spice and mineral notes
300ml  bottle 18

Momokawa Organic Junmai
Lush fruit and spice aromas layer their way to big fruit flavors
300ml  bottle 21

Shimizu No Mai “Pure Dawn”
Fresh and well structured with subtle notes of pear and Fuji Apple
300ml  bottle 24

Sho Chiku Bai
These traditional sakes can be served warmed or chilled
300ml  bottle 16

Yoshinogawa Echico
Lovely water notes, with citrus and spice undertones
720ml  bottle 45


• Daiginjo 

Rock Junmai
Light and smooth with hints of peach
750ml  bottle 65

Yoshinogawa Junmai
Rich with tropical undertone
720ml  bottle 60