Served with Japanese Clear Soup or House Salad & Steamed Rice
(Fried Rice + $3.00)
All Chicken is Organic & Free Range.
All Steak & Beef are USDA Choice.

Sizzling Singapore      29
Chicken, shrimp in a curry sauce & vegetables

Kung Pao Scallop      30
Szechuan style scallop, onion & bell peppers with peanuts

General Tso’s Chicken    28
Battered fried chicken in a chili pepper sauce

Crispy Sesame Chicken    28
Crispy & crunchy chicken in special sesame sauce

Sizzling Mongolian Beef     30
Selected tender beef slices with scallions, onion & sesame seeds

Sizzling Seafood Deluxe     35
Large shrimp, bay scallops, calamari and vegetables

Katsu Chicken     27
Lightly breaded chicken with steamed vegetables

Orange Peel Chicken     28
Battered fried chicken in an orange peel sauce

Kung Pao Chicken     26
Szechuan style chicken, onion & bell peppers with peanuts

Wild Salmon Teriyaki     MP
Grilled fresh wild Alaskan salmon with steamed vegetables

Szechuan Beef     30
Selected tender beef slices with vegetables

Chicken Teriyaki    26
Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables

Mahi Mahi Teriyaki     28
Grilled fresh mahi mahi with steamed vegetables