• Appetizers 

All Chicken is Organic & Free Range.
All Steak & Beef are USDA Choice.

Edamame     7
Steamed soybean, lightly seasoned with Himalayan pink salt

Aged Tofu     6
Fried tofu served with a special sauce

Egg Roll (2 pcs)     6
Chicken & vegetables

Wahoo Tataki    16
Fine sliced sea wahoo w/ spicy ponzu sauce

Vietnamese Spring Roll (2 pcs)    8
Shrimp & vegetables

Coconut Shrimp (4 pcs)    12
Deep fried shrimp and coconut flakes w/ thai chili sauce

Dumplings (4 pcs)   10
Handmade in our kitchen, steamed or fried

Crab Rangoon (5 pcs)    7
Imitation crab & cream cheese

Teriyaki Chicken (3 pcs)   9
Grilled chicken on a skewer

Chicken Fingers   7
Deep fried chicken with duck sauce

Spring Roll (2 pcs)    5
Deep fried vegetable spring roll

Ceviche Conch    18
White fish w/ onion, jalapeño, cilantro, tomato w/ special ponzu dressing

Sushi Appetizers    13
5 pcs. assorted fish

Sashimi Appetizers    15
9 pcs. assorted fish

Appetizers Deluxe   18
Teriyaki chicken, chicken wings, spare ribs & egg roll

BBQ Spare Ribs (5 pcs)    15
Served with BBQ sauce

Chicken Liver    10
Stir fried & lightly breaded

Spicy Teriyaki Shrimp    12
Grilled shrimp and pineapple on a skewer

Lettuce Wraps   14
Chicken & vegetables with special sauce

Asparagus (6 pcs)    8
Chicken (3 pcs)   9
Calamari (3 pcs)    10
Shrimp (3 pcs)    

Steak Tataki    16
Thin slices of rare steak with ponzu sauce

Shrimp Shumai    10
Steamed or fried with a special sauce

Singapore Calamari    12
Lightly breaded with curry, green pepper, red pepper & spicy sauce

Naruto Maki    14
Avocado, imitation crab, salmon, cream cheese & fish egg wrapped in cucumber

Spicy Tuna Tartar    18
A work of art

Tuna Tataki    15
Thin slices seared tuna with special sauce

Ring & Wing (3 pcs & 7 pcs)    10
Lightly fried onion ring & deep fried chicken wing

Japanese Guacamole    16
Avocado, mango, strawberry, taro chips and seaweed salad

Spicy Kobe Beef Tartar    MP
A work of art


• Sides 

White Rice    3
Brown Rice     4
Sushi Rice    4
Fried Rice    4
Brown Fried Rice    5
Lo Mein 5
Yakisoba Noodles 7
Udon Noodles 7